Chart Of The Week: Coal Still King in India’s Energy Mix

Despite the ongoing energy transition in India, coal is still the biggest source of energy in India. In 2022, coal accounted for around 55% of country’s primary energy consumption, followed by oil (28%) and natural gas (6%). In 2021, this share stood at 56%, 27% and 6% respectively.

India’s power sector relies heavily on coal with the sector contributing around 40% of country’s overall GHG emissions. At present, 73% of India’s power production comes through coal though this share is expected to go down to 55% by 2030 because of rising renewable power capacity. Nevertheless, in absolute terms coal-fired power capacity is still projected to rise over the coming decade. Meanwhile, the share of renewables in power production is expected to rise from current 12% to 31% by 2030. This is in line with government’s aspirations to boost the share of non-fossil fuel-based power mix.


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