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AI is Accelerating the Energy Transition, Say Industry Leaders

(By Financial Times, 26 March 2024)

Energy companies are increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. And it is already transforming critical functions: from lowering carbon emissions to mitigating cyber attacks and predicting mechanical failures. Shell, for example, has developed an AI tool for monitoring methane emissions.

Digital Twin: Making India’s Clean Energy Architecture Versatile

(By ORF, 26 March 2024)

A Digital Twin (DT) can be described as a dynamic simulated imitation of a real asset, process, or ecosystem. It has the exact visualisation and behavioural traits as its real-world counterpart. Emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and blockchain can further enhance the accuracy and granularity of a DT.

Can the Energy Sector Keep Up with AI, Blockchain & Electric Vehicles?

(By Techopedia, 22 March 2024)

Global energy demand is surging due to population growth, electrification, and new technologies. AI and machine learning are being implemented to optimize energy flows, predict demand patterns, and manage complex, decentralized grids. New AI-powered control centers will improve grid visibility, optimize energy delivery, and integrate renewables seamlessly.

India’s Oil, Gas, and Power Companies Accelerate Energy Transition with SAP Cloud Solutions

(By Technology News, 21 March 2024)

As India takes concrete steps to move towards a sustainable and green future, leading oil, gas, and power companies are embracing SAP’s cloud ERP solution. This strategic shift aims to enhance operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to the country’s commitment to sustainable energy practices.

Fuelling the Future: Arbitrating IP Disputes Arising from Energy Transition Innovations

(By Lexology, 21 March 2024)

As the energy sector decarbonises, turning towards new technologies related to carbon measurement, verification and capture facilities, technology and intellectual property (IP) will become a key proprietary asset for many energy companies. Developing and enforcing contractual frameworks which can protect the value of these assets will be a critical consideration

Energy Trends: Technology, Regulation and a Renewable Boost

(By GrantThorton, 20 March 2024)

There are numerous opportunities to take advantage of technology advancements in the renewable sector, with many leading the way by moving their back-office enterprise resource planning, corporate performance management and operations systems to cloud-based software-as-a-service models. The addition of blockchain provides transparency in peer-to-peer electricity trading and contracting.

Rapid Digitalisation Enabling Blockchain Adoption in Oil and Gas Industry

(By Offshore Technology, 20 March 2024)

Blockchain has a range of compelling applications within the oil and gas industry. For instance, the technology has the potential to accelerate digital transformation using sensors and cloud storage solutions. It can facilitate the direct storage of transaction and accounting data onto these sensors. This integration has the potential to streamline processes by directly linking assets with service contracts.

Digitisation, Tech on the Doorstep But Mining Remains Labour Intensive in India

(By Economic Times, 20 March 2024)

Mechanization and use of technology in the metals and mining sector is on the doorstep but the industry will have to adopt them in a manner wherein it is sensitive to the labour social contract that mining operations in the country have been based on over the decades, according to stakeholders. Nevertheless, digitisation will help to bring down cost of operations.

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