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India’s Progressive Leap Into Smart Energy Management

(By EGOV, 28 April 2024)

India’s strategic approach to revolutionising its energy sector is epitomised by the adoption and development of Smart Grid technologies. Led by the Ministry of Power, the Indian Smart Grid Forum plays a critical role in this transformation. This forum is not just an administrative body, it’s a think tank that amalgamates the expertise and visions of government bodies, the private sector, and academic scholars.

Sustainable Solutions in Power Transmission: A Deep Dive into Impactful Strategies

(By ET Insights, 28 April 2024)

Investment in energy infrastructure is essential for modernizing India’s energy sector and meeting growing demand. Upgrading and expanding transmission and distribution networks, developing smart grid technologies, and investing in energy storage solutions are crucial for improving grid reliability and resilience.

Need Innovative Green Financing Solutions to Make Clean Energy Tech Affordable

(By The Liberal World, 28 April 2024)

Speaking at Rotterdam energy congress, Chairperson & Managing Director of Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) Pradip Kumar Das proposed allocating 4% to 5% of domestic pension or insurance funds into renewable energy bonds, to deepen the bond market and increase additional global and local investments.

Nayara Energy’s Path to Global Technological Dominance

(By Manufacturing Today, 26 April 2024)

Nayara’s innovative process for extracting oil from oil-in-water emulsion represents a remarkable advancement that rapidly separates water and sediments from slop oil, thereby improving its quality. Their patented technique significantly reduces the volume of slop oil by up to 65% in Stage 1 and up to 74% in Stage 2, while achieving an impressive water separation rate of up to 99% in Stage 2.

Dastur Energy Spearheads Carbon Capture Deployment Across India

(By Manufacturing Today, 24 April 2024)

Dastur Energy is making significant advancements in deploying carbon capture technology (CCUS) across India. CCUS technology not only addresses carbon emissions but also facilitates hydrogen production, which can serve as a versatile fuel source. Additionally, when combined with captured CO₂, hydrogen can be used to produce high-value products like methanol.

Can Smart Meters Make India Energy Efficient?

(By Tech Observer, 23 April 2024)

In recent years, smart meters have been garnering attention for their potential to revolutionise energy management systems in India. These devices play a crucial role in minimising billing and collection inefficiencies, helping reduce aggregate technical and commercial losses, and enhancing overall grid operations.

India’s Energy Sector Pioneers UEI Alliance For EV Charging Transactions

(By Mobility Outlook, 19 April 2024)

Empowering India’s energy and transportation sectors, 20 prominent energy companies have joined forces to create the Unified Energy Interface (UEI) Alliance. This innovative network, inspired by the success of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), aims to fast-track electric vehicle (EV) charging by facilitating seamless payment and transaction interoperability across various charging networks.

Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas – How Digital Technologies are Revolutionizing Exploration and Production

(By Appinventiv, 13 April 2024)

Digital technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things are transforming the entire oil and gas value chain. This digital revolution isn’t just about upgrading technology but creating value across all business areas. According to Accenture, 70% of industry leaders see enterprise-wide transformation in the oil and gas industry as detrimental for competitiveness.

Panasonic Energy, IndianOil to Form Lithium Battery JV

(By PV Magazine, 01 April 2024)

Panasonic Energy Co. Ltd., a Panasonic Group company, is in talks with IndianOil (IOC) for a joint venture to manufacture cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for two- and three-wheel vehicles and energy storage systems in the Indian market. It has signed a binding term sheet and initiated discussions with IOC to draw a framework for the formation of the joint venture.



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